Outsourcing' Shouldn't Be a Dirty Word to Small Business

San Martin Texmelucan de Labastida Conversations about outsourcing routinely involve big companies sending work overseas where labor is cheaper. We don’t tend to think of outsourcing and its relationship to small business. In fact, plenty of small business owners consider ‘outsourcing’ a dirty word. It doesn’t have to be that way. It shouldn’t be that way.

It is unfortunate that we conflate outsourcing with cheap labor. It’s unfortunate that most of what we hear on the topic, at least in terms of the mainstream media, focuses on corporate business practices. The truth is that outsourcing can be a remarkably effective strategy for helping small businesses thrive.

how to purchase Pregabalin A One-Man Show

Starting a brand-new business from scratch requires a good idea, a willingness to work, and enough resources to get things off the ground. More often than not, new businesses are essentially one-man shows. Those that do involve multiple entrepreneurs are still limited to a small handful of people.

The net effect of this arrangement is that the owner or owners do everything themselves. It is a matter of necessity. They don’t have the revenue to hire a payroll company. They cannot afford to outsource software development. Yet at the same time, they are putting their time and energy into things they know very little about. Therein lies the trap of running a one-man show.

Stockbridge A Lack of Expertise

Large corporations often turn to outsourcing for efficiency purposes. It is more efficient to send a software project to a company that specializes in developing proprietary applications than trying to do it in-house. It doesn’t hurt that the outsourcing partner can get the job done more quickly and at a lower cost. But for small business, there is something else to consider.

Many of the things small business owners do are not within their skill sets. Their lack of expertise shines through brightly. It might shine through in the difficulty entrepreneurs have with accounting. A lack of expertise may manifest itself in marketing troubles.

In the modern era of technology, a lack of expertise can even harm a new company’s ability to sell. As an example, we can turn to the Poshmark social commerce site. Poshmark is a place where people buy and sell clothing, shoes, and accessories.

The thing to note is that Poshmark is not your typical e-commerce platform. Rather, it is a social commerce platform. You sell by establishing social relationships with your Poshmark followers. In order to prevent a free-for-all, Poshmark developers have instituted a strict set of rules that everyone must follow.

You literally have to be a Poshmark expert to make a living on the platform. But how can you become an expert and still run your business? You can’t, which is why companies like PoshyVA exist. PoshyVA provides outsourced Poshmark virtual assistants who handle all of the technical aspects of selling on the platform.

Vacoas Times Have Changed

New small business owners really need to embrace the fact that times have changed. Two centuries ago, you could easily establish your own business in any town that needed your services. If you were a blacksmith, you would look around for a town that needed one. You would set up shop where the need existed.

Business in the 21st century is a lot different. Between technology, the internet, and a whole slate of business practices that look nothing like 19th-century practices, business owners have a lot more to deal with. Running a business is not so simple anymore.

Outsourcing provides the efficiency and expertise small businesses need. If for no other reason, this explains why ‘outsourcing’ shouldn’t be a dirty word to small business.


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