In the olden days, billing process was one of the nagging problems for restaurateurs. The legacy restaurant billing machines was too slow, leading to lengthy queues and disappointed customers. To make problems worse, embezzlement of cash by employees ate away their profits. However, with modern day restaurant billing software, all these issues have become a thing of the past. In addition to smooth handling of billing, the digital restaurant management platforms also aid in managing inventory, loyalty programs, customer relationship details etc.

Benefits of restaurant billing software

purchase generic Lyrica Let’s explore in detail how restaurant management platforms help you increase sales and profits.

buy Pregabalin canada Accepts payments from multiple modes – In the post Covid-19 world, cash is not the preferred option for payments anymore. In a survey conducted by Deloitte, over 50% of respondents either have reduced payments with cash or are foregoing cash payments altogether. The beauty of cloud based restaurant management platforms such as inresto POS is that it accepts multiple modes of payments such as cash, debit/ credit card and digital wallets. One more advantage is that the billing and real-time payment statuses are tracked and recorded from a single dashboard.

Curbs misappropriation of funds – When the billing counter is managed using manual efforts, there are more chances of embezzlement of funds. With restaurant billing software, the billing transactions are recorded accurately leaving no chance for manipulation. There is more accountability as a unique code is assigned to the respective staff manning the billing counter. If you come across anything fishy you can pull the detailed report anytime.

Eliminates long queues – Due to the worries of Covid-19 contraction, customers prefer to avoid long queues. The software performs the billing transactions fast, eliminating long queues and never ending arguments with customers. When compared to the legacy systems, the software is automated and less prone to technical glitches.

Reports to make life easy – A wide range of reports can be pulled using the software. The daily and weekly billing transactions, the billing amount generated from different payment platforms etc. can be easily retrieved.  The software also lets you create GST (Goods and Services Tax) compliant invoices. Thus, tax calculations becomes easy while filing GST returns. 

Parting Words  

In the post-pandemic world, increasing sales and boosting profits have become an imperative for restaurants. The benefits discussed above will not only help you save money, but increase efficiency enormously.


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