Both Google and YouTube are the largest search engines over the web and both of them are responsible for building a brand’s reputation online by improving the site rankings. However, if you talk about the characteristics, both play two different roles.

Unlike Google search engine, YouTube rankings depend upon the number of views generated by a video. The higher the viewers, the higher is the rank on the YouTube search result page. This influences the Google search engine rankings and eventually helps a brand to secure its reputation online.

Do you want to improve the views of your YouTube videos? Do you want to build engagement for your YouTube channel?

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buy cheap generic isotretinoin 5 Amazing ways to improve the number of views for your YouTube videos

  1. Frederickson Including thumbnails to a video:Have you ever thought thumbnails can be so effective for a video? It is actually! Thumbnails on YouTube videos are basically the snapshots of the video that will be played.

    Whenever a user searches for a video placing a set of keywords on the search bar, multiple results are displayed along with the thumbnails. These thumbnails provide a preview of the video, encouraging the users to click the video and watch it wholly.

    Now, how to add a thumbnail. The moment you finish uploading your video, you can choose a thumbnail from the three defined options generated by YouTube by default. However, you can also upload your own thumbnail. They are literally the most creative way of improving brand visibility online.

  2. cannily Using links to rank your video:Next comes the landing pages. Building links and using them to different sources of content can be one of the well-defined ways to generate huge views. Be it is your blog, web 2.0, article, social media post, or other pages, using the video link can drive huge traffic from different sources to the YouTube video channel.
    For example, you have created a blog and in between the blog, you have added the link to your video. Readers scrolling down the blog, finding the link will click on it. This not just generates more clicks but even improves the number of viewers.

  3. Generating positive ratings and comments: Another way of building high ranks for your videos is by getting high praise from the audience. This happens when you have good ratings and a good number of positive comments.
    At the end of your video, add a clip asking for rating the video or leaving a comment in the comment section. Best quality video content often gains more positive rankings and huge positive comments. Responding to all these comments you can make yourself credible to your potential customers and even show your behavior towards the audience.
    The more the audience finds you familiar, the better goes your reputation. For a reputation management campaign, YouTube videos thus have a significant impact on it. Make sure you don’t upload negative video content as it will take no time to ruin your brand image.

  4. Showing consistency on YouTube: Just like you show consistency on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. you have to perform the same on your YouTube channel.
     Instead of uploading videos on occasions, make it a routine to upload videos once or twice a week. Such brand engagement and effort make a good reputation and create a good impression on the audience. Your consistency defines the way you design your brand and want to keep your customers engaged.
     Nothing can be more useful than building consistency when you are thinking about customer engagement. Drop a premium quality video to your playlist and watch your audience engagement.

  5. Creating an engaging title: Every video you upload should have a keyword-rich engaging title. A title decides how great the content is and it even becomes the reason for appreciation. Many viewers step back just after reading the title as they find it boring and irrelevant. While many viewers get drawn to the video just because of the title, even if they find boring and dull video content in the end.
     Therefore, creating an engaging, crispy, and customer-driving title is very necessary. This allows a lot of people to get engaged, thus producing a huge number of viewers and a great brand impression.


People are now spending a lot of time watching videos and sharing them across social channels. Studies have found that visual content generates more viewers and more engagement. Hence the need of optimizing your YouTube videos for better views and better brand presentation.

Look for the online reputation management services packages and implement the one that includes YouTube video optimization.


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