Convert VHS to Digital
3 Great ways to Convert VHS to Digital

Jičín No matter how vividly you might remember some of the most memorable moments with your family, it’s always good to have video footage that can refresh those memories and help you notice new details you might have missed before.

Bhisho That’s just one of the reasons why most people have collections of VHS tapes that contain hours upon hours of holidays, birthdays, Christmases, and everything else in between.

Taft However, the big problem with VHS tapes is that they aren’t very durable. As the years go by, they start deteriorating, losing the details they contain until eventually, they become unusable at all. That’s why many people opt for a transfer VHS to DVD service that can ensure those memories remain in excellent shape forever. Others decide to try and perform the digitization themselves, hoping to save some money.

Let’s look at the options that you could consider and the pros and cons of each. 

Connecting a VCR to a DVD

If you have an old VCR player that’s still working, it can help you convert old tapes to a digital format. All you’ll need is a DVD recorder to connect to your VCR, and then you should be able to transfer files from an analog format to a digital one.

Just connect the two devices together, press record on the DVD recorder, and then press play on the VHS player. 

You should be able to transfer the entire footage onto a DVD, which you can then insert into your computer and save there as well. 

However, be warned that even though this process is relatively straightforward, you shouldn’t expect great results, either. If your tapes are decades old, they have likely suffered damage, so transferring them to another format using household devices could make the issues even worse.

Another issue with this method is that most people don’t have a functioning VHS player. And even if they do, sourcing a working DVD recorder can be just as tricky. Even though DVDs use a digital format, today’s video technology has evolved a lot, making them mostly obsolete. 

That means that for most people, using other methods listed in this article will make more sense. However, if you do have the equipment, have some time, and want to save a few bucks, this might be the best option, as long as you don’t mind the quality not being excellent.

Use Retail VHS-to-DVD Services

Retail giants like Costco and Walmart are smart. They understand customer demand and know their audience very well, which is why they have figured out that most people have old VHS tapes that will need to be digitized.

Today, along with their photo scanning services, these companies also offer video conversion, which is a pretty convenient way to get this task done. Just drop off the tapes and pick them up in a digital format shortly afterward. Or even get them delivered to your home.

A range of stores offers these types of services, so look into the ones that are closest to you, and you should find that they have it as well. Most of the video digitization services actually use the Yes Video conversion service, so you will be getting essentially the same thing no matter who you go with.

However, there are drawbacks to using this method as well.

Many users report subpar quality of the digitized film, with no editing and even worse quality than there was initially. Considering the price of more than $20 for a single tape, that’s not something you like to hear. Some even report receiving DVDs with parts of the footage missing.

Since this service tries to process as many tapes as possible quickly, the quality control is virtually non-existent, which is an issue when you want to preserve precious memories. 

Use a Professional Video Digitization Service

The final option for getting your VHS tapes into a digital format is to use a digitization service that can take over the entire process for you.

Today, a transfer VHS to DVD service is more affordable than ever before, and you usually can find a reputable provider that operates nationwide or in your area. 

When you work with a specialized provider who offers photo scanning services and video digitization, you can rest assured that they will have the necessary equipment and the expertise to overcome any challenges that might arise.

For instance, if your VHS tapes have suffered damage, the digitization company can help repair the damaged parts as much as possible, allowing you to preserve memories that are at risk of being lost forever.

It’s hard to put a price on memories contained in the tapes in your collection, so risking it with subpar services is simply not an option, especially when getting qualified help is now more affordable than ever before.


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